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"The Emergence of Yellow Power in America" by Amy Uyematsu in Gidra, October 1969.

"Asian Americans can no longer afford to watch the black-and-white racial struggle from the sidelines. They have their own cause to fight, since they are also victims—with less visible scars—of the white institutionalized racism. A yellow movement has been set into motion by the black power movement. Addressing itself to the unique problems of Asian Americans, this ‘yellow power’ movement is relevant to the black power movement in that both are part of the Third World struggle to liberate all colored people."

*after a close read, I feel like this article erases the experiences of working class and poor Chinese and Japanese folks (in contrast to revolutionary communist or socialist groups like I Wor Kuen and Wei Min She, who centered around the struggles and activism of workers), and says almost nothing that applies to the experiences of Filipino folks, who were forming significant populations and organizing politically at this time. I would not use a lot of this article, or the “yellow power” ideology, as tools for organizing today—but I think this is an interesting snapshot of a certain view in a certain period, and some of her critiques of Asians upholding white supremacy are biting and on point.

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